The Reduce Your Stress Program
The Reduce Your Stress Program

The Reduce Your Stress Program

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Stress holds us back from being the best that we can be.
In a very similar way to poor sleep, it can put the brakes on progress, even if training and nutrition are spot-on. Of course, we all suffer stress at some point in our lives. We are involved in regular stressful life situations, including exhausting work schedules.
Stress is a burden on the body, and if it becomes chronically elevated and prolonged, we can end up massively fatigued and run down.
That’s when it can put a halt to any body composition changes. What we don’t always realize is the potential damage stress is doing to the inside of our bodies and how it affects our health.

There are no workouts or nutrition included in this coaching. However, they can be added by selecting a program from the "Fitness & Nutrition Coaching" page.


  • 14 Days Of Daily Lessons Assist With Controlling Stress In All Areas Of Your Life
  • Weekly Challenge Review To Reflect On The Prior Week
  • 8 Daily Lessons
  • Daily Check-ins With Veeta

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