• Total Body At Home Fitness Plan

Total Body At Home Fitness Plan

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This program starts the day after purchase.

With 3 days of exercises per week, this 4-week total body program is designed to get you moving. If you need a kick start on your fitness journey, this is your plan. The only equipment you will need is YOUR BODY! Download my fitness app and take it with you to the park, your yard, your living room, etc.! All workouts are 30 minutes to an hour long.

All workouts come with demo videos and a repetition tracker so you can see your progress! 

 NO REFUNDS after the package has been purchased.

What if you could finally get the body you want, without following another diet? Get lasting results you never thought possible with expert nutrition coaching and accountability from me and Precision Nutrition.

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Promises are easy to make, but for those of you who are prepared to work hard, then you can have life-changing results like these. Click a picture for more.


  • "I just got to brag on this young lady for a little while. Yep, I said BRAG!! In September, I went for my annual check up. I had a talk with my doctor about my lower abdominal weight. I told him, I've been trying to lose it for 23 yrs, why it's not leaving. His reply to me was, "that's baby fat, it's not going anywhere." He introduced me to a cool sculpting doctor. He said, she will be able to help. I went through with the consultation process because I was curious of what she would say. I'm just not with that. I've tried waist trainers, vapor rub, Herbalife, and I'm pretty sure more stuff just to name a few. I became friends on facebook with Veeta Dinkins everything I've ever tried she called it out as a waste. I mean everything!!! I stroll her page and saw her clients having results on top of results. They weren't confined to a certain meal, they weren't doing alot of cardio. They were eating good!!!!! And still becoming fine as wine. I had to give her a try. My oh my!!! September 24, I started a challenge with her: BABY, it was certainly a challenge! As much as I live in the gym, it was different and pushed me to a new fitness and nutrition level. Y'all this lady know her stuff. I'm not taking supplements, I'm not wearing waist trainers, I'm not doing hours of cardio, I'm not drinking shit teas😜, I'm not rubbing down in vapor rub. I'm sticking to the nutrition and workout plan she has analyzed for me and watching my body transformed. Guess what, I can have some sweets if I want them.🖤 My goal is when I go to my next doctor appointment is to show my doctor the stomach will be gone with no surgery or procedure, but with hard work, great guidance, and proper nutrition. Veeta....You Rock Lady!!!!!! One of the greatest investment in myself 🖤💪🏿"
    - Shonda, Mississippi
  • "Well finished the last workout. Its finally over. I will admit at first I was not a fan of the workouts. So much volume and a lot of time in the gym. I wasn't use to it and my knees felt the same. But I pushed through the discomfort and danced on the fence line of pain. That, coupled with the macros, I will say I have seen great results. I began the program weighing 233-235lbs. This morning I was 224lbs. I was hoping to get down to 220lbs (but I'll admit I wasn't perfect with my macros or completing every ab workout.) And it's been a steady loss, no ballooning up and down. I can see my abs and I feel good, minus the fact my thighs are getting too big for my pants... lol. So s/o to Veeta Dinkins. She's the real deal . I know a lot of guys are hesitant to have female trainers but this woman know what she's talking about. The results speak for themselves. Sorry for the rant. But you gotta give credit where credit is due."
    - Clae, GA
  • "This challenge was just that... CHALLENGING! I changed my eating habits which in turn changed my health over all. I was able to slowly lower the amount of medicine I needed for gastrointestinal issues. The way I planned my day was improved. I didn’t really have a positive end goal... just went through the motions... I didn’t have a plan at the gym just went and jumped from machine to machine with no direction. My overall physical appearance has (what I would consider) drastically changed! I am more confident, feel great, and am so much happier and healthy mentally and emotionally. Veeta Dinkins programs, knowledge, and overall support is amazing and the results speak for themselves. I wasn’t perfect through this challenge but always encouraged to get back on track when I fell off. Thank you Veeta and the group for being supportive and sharing your journey the good, the bad, and the ugly!"
    - Erica, GA
  • "Hi fitness fam! If you guys haven’t attended Veeta Dinkins Nutrition Workshop, you really need to! It was very enlightening! What I thought I knew, I really didn’t. Veeta explained nutrition in the simplest form so that it’s understandable. The environment was welcoming allowing everyone to ask questions without feeling embarrassed..especially questions that you may think is a dumb question. I had an awesome, fun learning experience! Fantastic class Veeta!!"
    - Freddrica, Georgia
  • "Veeta is the best trainer hands down. She’s very knowledgeable in nutrition and fitness. You will get the results as long as you do your part and put in the work. Fit camps are a lot of fun with different workouts (that are never the same) where you will certainly burn calories in a group setting. Personal training are customized to fit your personal fitness goals. She is very passionate in her field of expertise and you will be held accountable. I’m speaking from my personal experience, if you follow her guidance you will be looking at yourself very quickly saying Damn that’s me, We did that! You will get your money worth and so much more! You won’t go wrong. Highly recommend! Best all around fitness coach in the CSRA."
    - Jennifer, Georgia
  • "Veeta’s workouts/programs encourage discipline and accountability! She is fair and also firm! She encourages discipline and consistency! No matter how many times you fall!"
    - Ira, Louisiana
  • "Veeta online coaching is the way to go if you want to lose them unwanted pounds. Her workout apps are easy to use along with custom macros. I have learned a lot on how to eat on the fab challenge I was on."
    - Sherita, Mississippi
  • "Veeta is wonderful with helping you learn how to eat the foods you enjoy while exercising to stay in shape. She doesn't do a diet but helps you understand the benefits of meal planning."
    - Carla, Illinois
  • "I recommend full, customized packages. If you're trying to meet a goal, you have medical reasons or you simply want to improve your overall health, this is the person to help you. And ALWAYS be on the look out for her specials as they are usually inexpensive AND will give you a chance to test her out. ."
    - Chondra, North Carolina
  • "There are no words!!!! She’s a realist! She’s straight up and down!!! She doesn’t make you feel good to suit your ego!!! If you aren’t gonna do the work, don’t come sit at her table!!!! I looooove me some Veeta!!!!! So far with her, since January 2, 2018 I’ve lost 32 pounds. She’s a BEAST!!!!."
    - Traci, Illinois
  • "Just wanted to drop you a quick line and let you know that I learned so much during the last challenge with you and still getting compliments on my weight loss… Everyone wants to know what I'm "doing" and honestly all I did was start watching my food intake and basing it on your guidelines… I'm not even exercising and still losing weight. You already know but there are a few trainers like you, that train mind body and spirit. You da shit, lol!!!!! ❤️."
    - Latoya, Georgia
  • "Just awesome! Veeta is a motivator and a coach no matter what shape one is in. Be READY to be accountable though. If you just open up your mind, there is a lot she can teach you. You will be motivated to do things you didn’t think you could!"
    - Sherryl, Virginia
  • "Veeta is straight forward, down to earth, and the best trainer I have ever met. She will not baby you, or listen to your excuses, what she will do is give you the knowledge and the tools to make choices that will have you living a healthier lifestyle. She is not for the weak-minded or the uncommitted, but for those of us that have totally bought in and are living the Veeta Loco lifestyle, Life is good."
    - George, Arizona