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"The Basics of Nutrition" Webinar
"The Basics of Nutrition" Webinar
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Change Your Habits - Change Your Life

Create Your Daily Routines And Hack Your Life

Successful people are the authors of their behavior. Unsuccessful people are the victims of their bad habits. Learning how to identify and break bad habits will radically transform your results and your life. Learn how to create new habits efficiently so that your habits work for you and not against you. Transform your life

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"Do it!!!! You won't be disappointed. Great training and great results. Do it!!!! Oops I said that already. DO IT!!!!!"

Carlos, Georgia

"Veeta is straight forward, down to earth, and the best trainer I have ever met. She will not baby you, or listen to your excuses, what she will do is give you the knowledge and the tools to make choices that will have you living a healthier lifestyle. She is not for the weak-minded or the uncommitted, but for those of us that have totally bought in and are living the Veeta Loco lifestyle, Life is good." 

George, Arizona

"I recommend full, customized packages. If you're trying to meet a goal, you have medical reasons or you simply want to improve your overall health, this is the person to help you. And ALWAYS be on the look out for her specials as they are usually inexpensive AND will give you a chance to test her out." 

Chondra, North Carolina

"Veeta is wonderful with helping you learn how to eat the foods you enjoy while exercising to stay in shape. She doesn't do a diet but helps you understand the benefits of meal planning."

Carla, Georgia

Veeta is awesome!! She doesn’t only provide fitness information, but she provides great nutrition information. She gives it to you straight which is appreciated!! If you’re looking for someone to help PUSH you to your goal then you’re in the right place!! 

Angela, Georgia

Veeta’s plans are awesome. I recommend the full package with nutrition and workouts. They are designed to work if YOU put in work and do your part. With her nutrition coaching, I don’t feel restricted. I can eat almost anything that fits within my macros. Love it and live her!!!! She’s always available to answer any questions or address any concerns or just to keep me in line 🤣🤣. If you are ready for change, then she’s definitely the one to call!!  

Von, Mississippi

Veeta’s workouts/programs encourage discipline and accountability! She is fair and also firm! She encourages discipline and consistency! No matter how many times you fall! 

Ira, Louisiana
Get Your Protein Recipe Pack Ain't No Meat Here - A Plant Based Recipe Collection (Vegetarian) That Low Carb Life Recipe Pack It's A Vegan Thang!

Tired of bland foods?

Say yes to great-tasting food!

Use these done-for-you recipes to deliver your nutrition coaching in a clear & actionable way, so that you stay on track and motivated. Vegan? IIFYM? Paleo? Weight Loss? Muscle building? No problem, all of my recipes are created with healthy single ingredient foods and are gluten-free & refined sugar-free.

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Feel like you’re forever dieting?

A Diet Where NO Food Is Off Limits.

Unlock the power of flexible dieting with Avatar Nutrition and achieve your goals with no rules, no banned foods, and no restrictions. You can eat things you like that would be off-limits on other diets, and by fitting the macros of those foods into your daily budget, you can do things like enjoy a donut or pizza and still see progress! 

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Meal Prep Like A Pro!

Save Time & Money!

Veeta has helped hundreds of people transform their bodies and lives. Take a look at a few amazing success stories below.