The Eat Real Food Program
The Eat Real Food Program

The Eat Real Food Program

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For the next two weeks, I challenge you to eat mostly real food i.e. swapping processed foods for single-ingredient foods. The type of food you eat will have a massive impact on your end results. Overeating, along with the consumption of over-processed foods, is ruining people’s health. Many processed foods are packed with sugars, artificial sweeteners, preservatives, and other man-made chemicals. Nobody feels good eating this stuff. Making the correct food choices is a must if you want to support your goals.
This habit challenge will show you the benefits of single-ingredient foods.
There are no workouts or nutrition included in this coaching. However, they can be added by selecting a program from the "Fitness & Nutrition Coaching" page.


  • 14 Days Of Daily Lessons To Help You Become Aware Of Your Food Intake
  • Weekly Challenge Review To Reflect On The Prior Week
  • 8 Daily Lessons
  • Daily Check-ins With Veeta

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