4 Week Fat Melter

4 Week Fat Melter

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Getting in shape and staying healthy doesn’t have to involve hours in the gym. In fact, just as important as what you do during your workout is what you do the other 23 hours of the day. So if you find yourself sitting at a desk all day or need some motivation to get more active, why not join us on this challenge?

What Does This Challenge Entail?
The purpose of this challenge is to get you moving! Every day is about being as active as possible! There are 5 workouts per week! 3 workouts can be completed at home and are bodyweight only. The other 2, requires gym equipment. Upon checkout, you will receive a form to fill out so your custom macronutrients can be calculated for your goals.

About a week before the challenge begins, Veeta will go live in the private FB group and go through step by step on how to work her fitness app and track your macros.

Then check out the Veeta D's Fitness Challenge Facebook Group for details on weekly challenges. 

To keep the challenge fair, you will be required to upload pictures AND weight every week. Don't worry about anyone seeing them because they're shared privately through Veeta's app. Seeing your progress will definitely be motivation to push a little bit harder!

Registration Dates: Jan 22 - 30 OR when capacity is reached

Challenge date is:
Monday, February 10, 2020  - Monday, March 9, 2020

This is a real program for the everyday person that provides all the tools to help you achieve life-lasting results! Look and feel amazing all season long by taking great care of your body, mind, and spirit! Take the workouts with you wherever you go! Vacation? Work trip? No problem! You can STILL get it in! The perfect workout is one that's actually do-able, but also manages to make you feel like a complete bad-ass! When it's too easy, it's boring and ineffective. When it's too hard, you might start dreading (and skipping) it. You'll exercise five times per week. Most of the moves call for dumbbells, but you can also perform them with just your body weight to make it easier. Everyone will receive the same weekly challenges that are delivered through my app! You will be added to the private FB group where recipes, jokes, motivation, and just ol' fun happens!

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