Hybrid Personal Training

Hybrid Personal Training

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You get the BEST of BOTH worlds! You personal train with Veeta once a week for an hour and the other days you train on your own. You can train at ANY gym or your home. The program is custom-built to how many workouts you want/need per week. This will allow GREAT flexibility for anyone's schedule. If you travel often, are on swing shifts, work nights, etc., you have the liberty to pick your day and time every week.

Hybrid Personal Training combines in-person training with Veeta's online training program to help keep you on point every day of the week. This program takes the guesswork out of your exercise and nutrition planning. It allows you more flexibility to complete workouts on your schedule while having consistent support from me. 


  • Decide how many days per week you can CONSISTENTLY train on your own. Then, Veeta will design your program in person, as well as on your own (at home, while you travel, etc.) with the guesswork taken out. All of your workouts and nutrition will be uploaded in the Veeta D's Fitness & Nutrition app and will be available on your dashboard. 


  • Weekly in-person one hour sessions to keep you motivated and added face time.
  • All workouts and nutrition programs planned out for you and uploaded to your dashboard on the Veeta D's Fitness & Nutrition app. 
  • In-App reminders for scheduled workouts and daily food logs. 
  • In-App messaging with Veeta to answer any questions you have and constant support.
  • Flexibility with scheduled workouts that are tailored around your workday, travel, and family time. 

 You won’t find cookie-cutter programs or approaches with Veeta. First, detailed assessments will be performed, then plans are designed for you in alignment with your goals and dreams. Allow Veeta to guide you towards mastering your personal nutrition. Veeta's program is the best to help you get in shape, so you feel and look your best! A program based 100% on your needs and goals, will include strength training, cardio, and customized nutrition. 


  • ​1:1 one hour sessions
  • Access to Veeta D's scheduling calendar to schedule the day(s) and time(s) that are convenient for you
  • Access to reschedule and cancel sessions, if needed
  • Access to Veeta D's Fitness & Nutrition app with direct access to Veeta
  • Custom (calorie) macro-nutrients calculation with adjustments 
  • Weekly progress check-ins, feedback, and adjustments as needed
  • Daily nutrition monitoring 
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