Thin It To Win It 6 Week Fat Loss Challenge

Thin It To Win It 6 Week Fat Loss Challenge

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All workouts are suitable for all fitness levels.
Challenge date is Monday, June 1, 2020 - Monday, July 13, 2020
The last date to register is Monday, May 25, 2020, at 1159pm EST OR when capacity is reached.
What's Included?
Custo Macronutrients
Instructions on how to weigh and track your food
5 recipes (breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, smoothies)
Demo videos for every exercise
3 home workouts per week

Strengthen and build lean muscle, reduce body fat, chronic pain, and stress, enhance cardiovascular and muscular endurance, and improve balance, stability, flexibility, and mobility. This is a real program for the everyday person that provides all the tools to help you achieve life-lasting results! 
What’s this challenge all about? We’ll make a commitment, and report daily and/or weekly to keep accountable for our commitment. This 6-week challenge is designed to help you get on track with your fitness goals! The key is to make the most of your training, indulge strategically, and keep the good vibes flowing.
Look and feel amazing all season long by taking great care of your body, mind, and spirit! Take the workouts with you wherever you go! Vacation? Work trip? No problem! You can STILL get it in! The perfect workout is one that's actually do-able, but also manages to make you feel like a complete bad-ass! When it's too easy, it's boring and ineffective. When it's too hard, you might start dreading (and skipping) it. You'll exercise three times per week and will have a weekly step count to hit. Everyone will receive the same weekly challenges that are delivered through my app! You will be added to the private FB group and a private group in my app.
There are requirements you MUST adhere to in order to stay in the running for the prizes. If you are disqualified, you will still be able to participate, but you will be excluded from winning the prizes. In order to stay in the challenge and qualify for the prizes. The following requirements are below.
1) You will be required to upload PICTURES and WEIGHT every week during the challenge in my app. Once your pictures are in my app, no one can see them but me.

2) You will be required to meet OR exceed the weekly step goals that are set.

You will need a digital food scale.

There will only be two winners of this challenge. The winner will be chosen by the best results as shown in their progress pictures. The winner will receive 6 weeks of customized online coaching and nutrition.

Cost: $105 per person
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