The Protein Is Power Program
The Protein Is Power Program

The Protein Is Power Program

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For the next two weeks, I challenge you to eat a source of lean protein with every main meal. The word protein means ‘of prime importance’ – and protein is undoubtedly essential to health. Its high thermic effect helps boost the metabolism, building lean muscle tissue, and reducing body fat to make us look better. Despite it being a critical nutrient for optimal body composition, many people are drastically under-eating protein.
There are no workouts or nutrition included in this coaching. However, they can be added by selecting a program from the "Fitness & Nutrition Coaching" page.


  • 14 Days Of Daily Lessons To Help You Increase Your Protein Intake 
  • Weekly Challenge Review To Reflect On The Prior Week
  • 8 Daily Lessons
  • Daily Check-ins With Veeta

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