The Bulletproof Gut Program
The Bulletproof Gut Program

The Bulletproof Gut Program

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In today’s busy society, it’s our lifestyles, nutrition, and environment that hold us back and put a negative strain on most of our body’s systems. The digestive system is one of these systems. There is a strong argument from alternative medical practitioners that the food we eat is a frequently overlooked origin of diseases. 
Our gut prevents dangerous toxins and compounds from getting in while the foods and water we consume to enter the body. When our gut is not working optimally or is in a state of distress, these dangerous compounds can enter our system, yet the body will not fully absorb essential nutrients from food.

The goal of this habit is to simply create more awareness of how the food you eat impacts your overall health and daily well-being.

There are no workouts or nutrition included in this coaching. However, they can be added by selecting a program from the "Fitness & Nutrition Coaching" page.


  • 14 Days Of Daily Lessons To Encourage You To Improve Your Gut Health
  • Weekly Challenge Review To Reflect On The Prior Week
  • 8 Daily Lessons
  • Daily Check-ins With Veeta

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