THE BEST Flexible Dieting EBook
THE BEST Flexible Dieting EBook
THE BEST Flexible Dieting EBook
THE BEST Flexible Dieting EBook
THE BEST Flexible Dieting EBook

THE BEST Flexible Dieting EBook

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For starters, flexible dieting is not a diet - it's a nutritional concept.

  1. How much you eat is more important than what.
  2. It would be best to tailor your daily food choices to your preferences, goals, and lifestyle.
  3. Long-term compliance is the key to sustainable improvements.

Flexible dieting is a way to take your body's basic energy and nutritional needs and turn them into an eating regimen that you enjoy.

  • You do not deprive yourself of foods you like.
  • You eat on a schedule you like.
  • Flexible dieting is a lifestyle, not a "quick fix."

If you hate the idea of "dieting," it is understandable. When you hear that word, you think, "off-limit foods." Most diets feel more like deprivation than self-improvement.

How many times have you heard anything containing sugar, processed foods, fruit, dairy, etc., must go if you are trying to lose weight/fat? Just throw all that shit in the dumpster. What if I told you that you could dramatically change your body by eating foods you like. EVERYday… ALLL 7 days out of the week? What if you could permanently break free of the constraints and stresses most people link with dieting and learn to love it instead?

Too good to be true? I know. 

When you eat less energy than you burn, you're in what's known as a "calorie deficit," which results in weight loss. When you eat more than you burn, you're in a "calorie surplus," which results in weight gain. In this essence, a calorie is a calorie. You can overeat the "cleanest" foods in the world, and you will gain weight. Flexible dieting is the most efficient tool I know for breaking the cycle of restrictions. When you eat foods you love, balance your macronutrient intake correctly, and only slightly restrict your calories, magic happens. Losing weight becomes easy and enjoyable.

It's also flexible enough to accommodate just about any lifestyle and become a long-term habit, not a "quick fix." That's the significant promise of flexible dieting, and as you'll soon see for yourself, it keeps its word.

There's a lot more I could teach you about getting the most out of flexible dieting, and I do in my ebook! You will learn how to calculate your macros, without a calculator, for whatever your goals are. Calculators are great, but do you REALLY know what they are computing? I walk you through how to set up and load your macros in a food tracker. Want to know how to track foods when eating out? Got it covered! Want to know how to track alcohol? Got it covered! Want to know how to track recipes? Got it covered!

This 62-page guide comes with DELICIOUS smoothie recipes, healthy dessert recipes, and some AMAZING dishes! Use these recipes to get started on your flexible dieting journey!

PS: You will have access to my Basal Metabolic Rate and Macros Calculator if you get stuck. :)

Happy dieting. 🙂

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