Nutrition Webinar

Nutrition Webinar

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This webinar is an introduction to the basics of nutrition. This is for those who want to understand how what we eat influences our energy levels, digestion, mood, and other body functions.

In this webinar, we will be covering the following topics:

What are Macronutrients?
Understanding Micronutrients
How to set up a food tracker
How to track macros when eating out
How to understand & read a nutrition label

We use the word “macros” a lot. It’s short for “macronutrients,” the three nutrients all food is made of. The three macros are protein, carbohydrates, and fat. Read any ingredients label, and you’ll see how much of each macro is in the food you’re eating. Instead of thinking about foods as “good” or “bad,” we look at the macros they contain! There are no good or bad foods—there are only foods higher or lower in certain macros. You may be surprised to find that some foods you’ve always considered to be “healthy” actually have a ton of carbs and fat.

*** If you want your macronutrients calculated for your goals, it is an extra fee. You will receive your customized macronutrient profile in PDF format 7 days before the webinar. ***

If you would like your customized calories/macronutrients calculated, please fill out the form linked below. You will follow along during the webinar and adjust the nutrition tracker for your custom macronutrients. You will receive your nutrition profile 7 days before the webinar. The custom macronutrients calculation is an additional $55 that will be collected before submitting your form. Please have this form returned AT LEAST 7 days BEFORE the webinar. If the form is NOT returned within 4 days, you will not have your custom macronutrients calculated. There are NO REFUNDS for not submitting the form in time.

Click For Custom Macros Form

Please remember that you MUST also sign up for the webinar in addition to submitting the form.

As well as covering topics such as nutrition myths, why certain diets fail, and Q&A, you will leave with strong knowledge and confidence in creating your meal plans. These plans can include your favorite foods and eating in a conscious way that will benefit your body and enhance your hard work.

There are NO REFUNDS.

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