Define & Strengthen

Define & Strengthen

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You are on the go, always working and busy with commitments – you already have the momentum going, now you are finding time to train, because you are a boss in every area of your life, including fitness, starting now. This 8-week program is designed with 4 days of lifting per week. This program is designed to define and strengthen your full body with a total body weight lifting routine every week. All workouts include demo videos. The tracker keeps up with the amount of weight and reps performed once you enter them. Training facility recommended. This program is suitable for men and women. This program starts the Monday after purchase.

This package is recommended for those who are familiar with gym equipment and need a structured lifting routine. Although Veeta built this program, it is NOT customized and there is no contact with Veeta. If you want Veeta to personally coach you with fitness and nutrition, click HERE.

NO REFUNDS after the package has been purchased!

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