Build The Muscle

Build The Muscle

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You CAN NOT build a nice tight body from cardio. You HAVE to have resistance training to build ANY kind of muscle. Want nice arms? Lift. Want a nice back? Lift. Want nice legs? Lift. Want a nice ass? Lift. When you lose all the body fat you want something to show for it, correct?

With this 8-week program, you will train the main muscle groups 4 days per week. The goal is to always focus on form while engaging the muscles being worked. When you have more muscle mass than fat mass, you will burn more calories at rest.

Weight training is a type of exercise that utilizes resistance provided by weights to elicit the desired response, such as an increase in strength, size, power, or endurance. Weight training is also sometimes referred to as resistance training. Weight lifting is highly beneficial for overall health and, you might not even notice a significant change in muscle size, but you could see an increase in muscular strength, size, power, and endurance. Some other benefits of exercise, in general, include improved sleep, higher energy levels throughout the day, lower risk of diabetes, regulation of blood sugar levels, and lower cholesterol. 

What's Included:

  • Access To My Fitness App 
  • Weekly scheduled progress checkins
  • 8 Weeks Of Weight Lifting Workouts
  • 4 Workouts Per Week. Every Muscle Group Will Be Trained.
  • Demo Videos For Every Exercise
  • Access To My Macronutrients Calculator
  • My "Evidenced-Based Health Tips" EBook

NO REFUNDS after the package has been purchased!

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