A Beginner's Guide To Meal Prep

A Beginner's Guide To Meal Prep

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By the time you get home from work, make dinner, eat it, and clean up, it can feel like it's almost time to go to bed — not so fun. Enter meal prepping, a preparation system that simplifies cooking and centers it around your schedule, so you're not jumbling through a 16-step recipe when you'd rather have your feet up, dinner done, and Netflix on.

Meal prepping can conserve your time and money since you're buying and preparing home-cooked food ahead of time. Many people meal prep by shopping and cooking on the weekends, which may work better with your schedule than jamming it in during a weekday. Meal prepping can also make it simpler to eat healthier (and lose weight, if that's your intention) since the menu gets set in advance. You're less prone to choose a not-so-great alternative when you have a wholesome dinner at home, ready to go.

This 14-page Meal Prep Guide comes with the steps to get you well on your way, a shopping & meal planner list, PLUS 3 DELICIOUS recipes!

Let's start preppin'! 

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