Avatar Nutrition

What are Macros?

We use the word “macros” a lot. It’s short for “macronutrients,” the three nutrients all food is made of. The three macros are protein, carbohydrates, and fat. Read any ingredients label, and you’ll see how much of each macro is in the food you’re eating. Instead of thinking about foods as “good” or “bad”, we look at the macros they contain! There are no good or bad foods—there are only foods higher or lower in certain macros. You may be surprised to find that some foods you’ve always considered to be “healthy” actually have a ton of carbs and fat.

How Tracking Macros Works

Because we focus on macros, you don’t have to cut out any specific foods!
You can eat things you like that would be off-limits on other diets, and by fitting the macros of those foods into your daily budget, you can do things like enjoy a donut at the office and still see progress!
So how does all of this work?
We’ll give you a budget of macros to spend each day, and you’ll get to pick the foods you’d like to spend them on. You’ll enter each food you eat into the Avatar tracker, along with its serving size. The tracker will calculate how many of each type of macro is in the food and subtract these from the total number in your daily budget, showing you how many of each type of macro you have left to spend. The goal is to get within the target range for each macro—you don’t have to be perfect, just get in the green zone for each circle and you’ll see progress!

But Won’t Certain Foods Sabotage Your Diet?

You’ve probably seen people lose weight by cutting out certain foods like soda, candy, pasta, or bread—but that’s not because these foods possess some mysterious mechanism that hijacks the body’s metabolism and makes it impossible to burn fat!
In reality, the truth is much simpler than that:
When a diet works, it’s from cutting out calories...not specific foods.
Some food items, like chicken breast and vegetables, hold a weight loss advantage over other items, like pizza and donuts, because they have fewer calories and can help you stay full. Outside of that, there’s nothing magical about them! They may even be higher in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and other compounds that are good for you, but none of these things have value as energy or matter for weight loss.
To lose weight, you need to eat fewer calories than you burn.
You can get fat eating “healthy” foods like chicken, broccoli, avocados, sweet potatoes, and almonds if you eat enough of them. And you can lose weight even when eating “junk food” like potato chips and twinkies if your overall calories are controlled.
Calorie intake is the determining factor in whether you lose or gain weight, not the specific foods you eat. And this is why so many different types of diets have the potential to work—it all comes down to calories.

What Hitting Your Macros Looks Like

The Avatar system will give you your target macros, but you’ll need to pay attention to what and how much you eat to get within range of your targets and make the circles turn green.
The easiest way to do this is to track as you go. By logging your food in the Avatar tracker right before you eat it, you’ll know exactly what you have left at any given time. If you see yourself falling short on one macro (like protein) and quickly burning through another (like carbs), you’ll still have time to adjust and get within range. You can also plan your meals and plug them in ahead of time if this makes things easier for you at first.
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