Customized Macronutrients (Calories) Coaching
Customized Macronutrients (Calories) Coaching
Customized Macronutrients (Calories) Coaching
Customized Macronutrients (Calories) Coaching
Customized Macronutrients (Calories) Coaching
Customized Macronutrients (Calories) Coaching

Customized Macronutrients (Calories) Coaching

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The custom macro program is offered by Veeta to help those who would like to have their calories calculated AND monitored for 8 weeks. You will have 100% access to Veeta to ask any questions for the duration of your program. Whether your goal is to lose weight, build muscle, or maintain where you are, your calories have to be aligned to reach your goals. This plan also comes with membership to an exclusive Facebook group for support and follow-up questions.

  • This is NOT a meal plan service. 
  • There are NO workouts with this plan.
  • This is a one-time payment, not recurring.


Q: How will Veeta see my food intake?

A: During your phone consultation, Veeta will walk you through how to set up your customized calories (macros) in a food tracker. She will then guide you through how to link the food tracker to her own app and that is where she will see your food intake.

Q: How will I give Veeta my information?

A: After payment, you’ll receive a link to a comprehensive questionnaire to fill out. You’ll include recent progress pictures so that Veeta can calculate your macros.

Q: When do I get my macros?

A: You will get a confirmation email, which lets you know the date you can expect to receive your macros. Veeta is located in Georgia, and macros will come to you on the confirmed date by the end of her workday, based on Eastern Standard Time. For those of you in other time-zones, this may not be your end of the day.

Q: How will Veeta communicate with me?

A: Your custom macros will arrive via email and also loaded in her app.

Q: Veeta didn’t give me precise calories with my macros - how do I know how many calories I should be eating per day?

A: If you are hitting your prescribed macros (i.e., 130 P, 250C, 65F), then you are hitting your prescribed target calories. Calories and macros are related.

Q: Sometimes, my macros and calories are not correct in my app! My macros are right, but the calories are way off - what do I do?!

A: Just concentrate on hitting your macros within +/- 5g each day. Sometimes calorie counts are wrong in various apps. Double-check with your food labels, the USDA website, or enter your regularly eaten foods yourself.

Q: I know how to count macros, but I'm not currently tracking them. How can I submit my form? Can I give you old numbers that I used to use?

A: There is no need to be trying to hit specific numbers. However, Veeta does need to know your current intake. If you could take the time to log 2-3 days of typical eating for you, those numbers will be great.

Q: I've received my macros, but I need additional support and have some questions.

A: You can ask any follow-up questions in the exclusive Facebook group linked in your confirmation email. 

Q: Will Veeta give me a meal plan or tell me what to eat and how much daily?

A: The macro consult is not a meal plan service, and Veeta will not suggest particular foods or meals that you should be eating daily. You are urged to find foods that you enjoy and fit them into your prescribed macro allotment accordingly.

Q: Can I get a refund?

A: No.

*Please note that upon purchase, you will be sent a PDF with a link to a questionnaire that must be filled out for Veeta to compute your macros. Macros cannot be sent until the questionnaire is returned and complete. The one-time macro consult is not indicative of a coaching relationship with Veeta. You will be asked to provide current progress pictures to show Veeta where your physique is at currently. These pictures are entirely private and are for Veeta's eyes only. Customized macros are sent out five business days following the completion of payment and the questionnaire, excluding weekends and holidays.  *