8 Week 1:1 Nutrition Coaching

8 Week 1:1 Nutrition Coaching

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Maintaining healthy eating habits is one of the hardest parts of a healthy lifestyle. We are always surrounded by convenient food options that are unhealthy in every way. But I'm here to help. When you sign up for 1:1 Nutrition Coaching, you'll have access to cutting-edge nutrition advice and tactics to guide you through grocery shopping, eating out, and cooking. Before you know it, proper nutrition will be a lifestyle and not a chore. I'm here to guide and support you to meet your maximum potential. I believe that everyone can be successful with just a little guidance and support. Whether you want to learn more about nutrition or want to lose weight, I guarantee you will not be disappointed. The benefits of proper nutrition will last you a lifetime.

*** Please block off 60 minutes for your video consultation. The time you schedule will be the time for your initial video consultation. ***


  • Eight weeks of custom nutrition coaching
  • Education about using flexible dieting as a lifestyle
  • Eight weeks of weekly progress check-ins in the form of weight and pictures
  • Custom nutrition program based on your goals and dietary restrictions
  • Daily check-ins with Veeta
  • Unlimited access to Veeta with guaranteed 24-hour response Monday through Friday, except for vacation.
  • Complete nutrition and macro-nutrient education
  • A thorough walkthrough of how to use a digital food scale



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