Veeta D. is here to assist you to meet your nutrition, training, and lifestyle goals sustainably and healthily. Are you assured that restricting food and adding cardio is the only way to obtain your ideal body? Working out feels like a task or just one more extra thing on your to-do list that adds stress to your bustling life? I want to show you exactly the opposite of how it should be. Veeta trains clients the same way she trains herself. Her focus is on strength training, limited cardio, and prioritizing more time and energy dedicated to friends, family, hobbies, and other things that make life great. This should – and can be – you, too! Veeta's formal coaching offers one-on-one Training and Nutrition or Nutrition only choices. Coaching is aimed towards those with knowledge in a weight room and with adhering to precise macronutrients a consistent basis. I reserve the right to refuse any applicant. Especially those for whom I feel their mental or physical health needs may not be sufficiently met or improved by a regulated diet or training plan.

Coaching is provided towards those who have proficiency in a weight room and adhere to particular macronutrients consistently. This enables clients the most reliable conditions for coaching and also enables us to make the most of our experience together. 

If you’re ready to join in, let’s ensure our relationship is a solid fit. Take a minute to consider if you are:

  • 20+ years of age men and women from any country
  • Experienced in the weight room – meaning you’ve concentrated on accurate form with compound lifts (specifically, the squat, dead-lift, and push-up) and have access to commercial weight training equipment.
  • Experienced with adhering to a prescribed set of macronutrients numbers consistently – (this specification refers to all selections with a nutritional coaching component).
  • Ready to wear your big underwear– I’m a coach, not a cheerleader. Any tough love provided is in your best interest.

Does this sound like you? Then I'd love to hear from you.

If you're serious about working with me and ready to take the subsequent steps towards a well-balanced and fit life, fill out the questionnaire below. Because I pride myself on giving my best to every one of my clients, spaces are limited.

 Application Link:

Ongoing coaching can be an expense and is definitely a big commitment. If that doesn't fit you right now, if you have experience counting your macros, and if you are experienced in the weight room, I've got you covered! Please consider these other non-coaching options:

Custom Macro Program- Have Veeta customize your ideal macro intake. Choose between a one-time consult or purchase a bundle and touch base with her every 4 weeks with your follow-up consults. This is a more independent option, but keeps Veeta’s eyes on your numbers. Read FAQs here.

Monthly Custom Training Program - Have Veeta write you a 100% customized training program each month that is tailored to your goals and available equipment. Read FAQs here.

Monthly Custom Training & Macro Program- Have Veeta prescribe your macros to follow and write you a 100% customized training program each month. Read FAQs here.


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